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Consultation Room Package

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Consultation Room Bundle

Provide the Best Service for your Patients

Not everyone buys something without trying it first. Sometimes it is easier to sell someone something when it’s being demonstrated right in front of them; that way, they can see themselves using it.

Making Medicare LifeSense products your chosen consultation room demo products can give your patients confidence in them to use them at home.

Get Connected to Your Health & Wellness

More than ever, we need to take responsibility for our health and wellness and the Medicare LifeSense app can be a big part of this. Whether your patients have chronic conditions like hypertension or want to proactively monitor their respiratory health, all this and more is possible with the Medicare LifeSense app and its connected devices. 

The app can help you take control of your health from home. You can track your progress over time and share your readings with your doctor, caregiver, and friends anytime, anywhere.

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In addition to the app, you can also use the Online Portal to manage your health from any device. This automatically syncs with the app and safely backs up your data.

Online Portal
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What can the Medicare LifeSense App Help Monitor?

Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure

Use the Medicare LifeSense blood pressure monitors with the app to measure blood pressure.

Respiratory Health

Respiratory Health

Medicare LifeSense Pulse Oximeters can help monitor SpO2 levels (Blood oxygen saturation).

Weight Management

Weight Management

You can keep track of your weight overtime by entering your readings into the app.