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Delivering market leading pharmacy brands in Home Diagnostics, First Aid, Sport Therapy and Advanced Wound Care has been our focus for over 35 years.

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About Fleming Medical

Our Headquarters in Limerick, Ireland

Fleming Medical is an Irish family-owned global business dedicated to partnering with healthcare and pharmacy professionals to supply a complete range of certified quality medical devices, healthcare consumables and pharmacy OTC products under their Medicare and Physiologix brands.

For 35 years, Fleming Medical has built these trusted partnerships by backing their products and medical equipment support with exceptional customer service from their team of product, clinical and technical experts. With a focus on point-of-care assurance and product innovation, they continuously work with leading healthcare industry experts with a goal to provide products and solutions that empower healthcare professionals to provide better patient outcomes and enhance patient quality of life.

Due to the successful partnerships with pharmacies across the UK, Fleming Medical are growing year on year and servicing more customers than ever before.

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