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  • Medicare SteadyTemp: Revoluntionising Temperature Measurement 12/05/2022

    Fleming Medical is proud to introduce its new and exclusive product to the Irish and UK market. The Medicare SteadyTemp thermometer is a sensor patch within an adhesive patch and free mobile app that is used to read the patch and display temperature levels and curves.

  • Be Rescue Ready: Tick Bite Prevention & Treatment 11/05/2022

    Lyme Disease is a bacterial infection that is spread from infected tick bites. With May being Lyme Disease Awareness Month, it's important to highlight how to avoid ticks, the symptoms to look out for, and how to safely remove and treat a tick bite.
  • Be Rescue Ready: First Aid Essentials for School Sports 27/04/2022

    It's time to start restocking your school's sports first aid kit with all the first aid essentials your school needs for sports day activities.
  • One Step Ahead: Get your Feet Summer Ready 19/04/2022
    One Step Ahead: Get your Feet Summer Ready Our feet can easily get neglected, especially in the winter months and the cold weather can make them look and feel dry, cracked, and tired.
  • New Product: Medicare femSense Ovulation Tracker 12/04/2022
    Medicare femSense Ovulation Tracker - We're ready when you are
    We are delighted to announce that we have added a new diagnostic product to our range. Medicare femSense is an ovulation tracker that predicts your fertile window and measures and confirms ovulation thanks to the smart temperature patch and app.

  • Advanced Woundcare: How Wounds Heal & How to Treat them 31/03/2022
    Advanced Woundcare: How Wounds Heal & How to Treat them

    It's important to know the basics of woundcare and wound healing to be able to help yourself, your customers, or a loved one. Discover the Medicare Advanced Woundcare Range with solutions for every stage of the healing process.

  • One Step Ahead: Fungal Nail Treatment & Prevention 21/03/2022
    One Step Ahead: Fungal Nail Treatment & Prevention

    Medical experts believe 1 in 10 people suffer from fungal nail infections (also known as onychomycosis). With warmer months approaching, let's look at some of the ways you can prevent and treat fungal nails.

  • Be Rescue Ready: Eye Emergency First Aid 11/03/2022
    Be Rescue Ready: Eye Emergency First Aid

    Sometimes we can take our eyes for granted and only when an injury occurs do we become more cautious. The eye is an extremely delicate organ and it is important to know some preventative measures you can take to protect it and prevent injuries.

  • Recover Like a Pro: Ankle Injuries - How they Happen, Treatment & Prevention 08/03/2022
    Physiologix Treating Ankle Injuries

    As part of our ongoing partnership with Munster Rugby, we have teamed up with Munster Rugby Physiotherapist Ray McGinley to bring you expert information and advice about ankle injuries which will teach you how to treat and avoid them.

  • Be Rescue Ready: What Essentials do you need in your Sports First Aid Kit? 17/02/2022
    Be Rescue Ready: Medicare Physiologix Sports First Aid Kits
    No matter what sport you play, injuries are an inevitable part of the game and can strike when you are least expecting it. Accidents cannot always be prevented but being prepared for one is the next best alternative. 
  • Causes, Symptoms & Treatment of Cold Sores 14/02/2022
    Causes, Symptoms & Treatment Of Cold Sores

    Tingling and itchy lips? Painful oozing blisters? Cold sores, also known as fever blisters, can be a nuisance, and once struck, symptoms such as fever, headaches, and muscle aches can follow.

  • Women’s Heart Health: Know the Signs, Reduce the Risk 07/02/2022
    Women's Heart Health

    It is a misconception that men are more likely to develop heart issues. Women often have differing signs and symptoms which ends up resulting in a late diagnosis and little can be done to reverse the damage. Knowing the signs of heart-related illnesses that women experience can equip you with the power to know when something is wrong.
  • Prevention is Key: Cold & Flu Prevention 28/01/2022
    Prevention is Key: Essential Products for Cold & Flu Prevention
    Since COVID-19 has played such a big part in our lives over the last couple of years, some of us may have forgotten about the common cold (which does not seem so common anymore) and flu. 
  • Be Rescue Ready: Time to Spring Clean your First Aid Kit 27/01/2022
    Spring Clean Your First Aid Kit
    Have you used your first aid kit in the last year? Chances are there are some items missing, some wrappers left in it, or it’s disorganised from searching for the right product in a rush.
  • Track, Learn, Perform: Get Connected to your Health & Wellness 21/01/2022
    Track Learn Perform
    Get Connected to your Health & Wellness

    More than ever, we need to take responsibility for our own health and wellness and Medicare LifeSense’s app can be a big part of this. Whether you have a chronic condition like hypertension or want to proactively monitor your respiratory health, all this and more is possible with the Medicare LifeSense app and its connected devices.
  • Christmas Opening Hours 2021 14/12/2021
    Thank you from Fleming Medical
    A big thank you to each and every one of our customers throughout 2021.
  • Join us for the Webinar: Managing your COPD During Winter 22/11/2021
    COPD Webinar November 2021
    Research finds that as many as 66 million people in the European region may be living with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease but very few people have ever heard of this disease.
  • Come see us at the Pharmacy Show 2021 in Birmingham 01/10/2021
    See you at this year's Pharmacy Show 2021
    We are pleased to announce that we are showcasing our extensive product range at The Pharmacy Show in Birmingham on the 17th and 18th of October.
  • Fungal Nail Infections: Advice on the Best Treatment & Prevention 16/09/2021
    Fungal Nail Treatment Advice
    Fungal nail infection - proper medical terms include onychomycosis or tinea unguium - is a common issue that many people will experience. Having a nail infection can lead to a lengthy healing process, depending on how advanced it is. In this blog post, we will explore the causes, treatment, and how to prevent fungal nail infections so that you can be prepared and know what to do.
  • Welcome to the new Fleming Medical UK Website! 15/07/2021
    Welcome to our new UK Website
    We now have a dedicated website for our UK customers and visitors. Explore our pharmacy categories such as first aid, diagnostics, home woundcare, sports supports and much more.