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Smart Thermometer

Continuous and accurate body temperature measurement with the Medicare SteadyTemp smart patch and app.

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Medicare SteadyTemp Smart Thermometer

Medicare SteadyTemp Smart Thermometer

Medicare SteadyTemp is a smart thermometer used to alert you of changes in your body temperature by continuously measuring with the smart patch and app. This way you get a more complete picture when compared to a single measurement and identify fevers early.

Wear the patch for up to 7 days and use your phone’s NFC (contactless) function to scan the patch as often as needed whilst monitoring.

7-day round the clock measurement

Light, skin-friendly & latex-free

Medically certified & CE marked

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The Medicare SteadyTemp App

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The app shows the current body temperature as well as temperature curves and trends. Elevated temperature or fever can thus be detected within seconds. Even overnight fever spikes are no longer missed.

Monitor temperature curves over time to see trends emerge

Collects temperature data even while you sleep

Connects via radiation-free NFC (contactless) technology

Medicare SteadyTemp Welcome Screen
Medicare SteadyTemp Done Screen
Medicare SteadyTemp Temperature Curve Screen

Easy to Use

User Registration and Login:

1. Download the Medicare SteadyTemp App.

2. Register your details, login and follow the steps as instructed to apply the patch.

3. Wait 10 mins before activating and reading the patch.

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Applying and Activating the Patch:

Clean and Dry

1. Clean and dry your skin thoroughly before applying the patch. Do not shave, apply deodorant, creams or lotions to the area.

Where to Place Your Patch

2. Place one hand on your hip and relax your shoulder. Apply the patch horizontally so it is placed below your armpit at a distance of three fingers wide.

NFC Required

3. Wait 10 mins before activating the patch. Select "Read Patch" in the app and hold the back of your phone to the centre of the patch. A vibration will confirm activation.