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Ovulation Tracker

Wear this 24/7 temperature patch during your fertile window to help detect ovulation

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Medicare femSense Ovulation Tracker

Medicare femSense Ovulation Tracker

Track and confirm ovulation with the Medicare femSense ovulation tracker patch and app.

Based on the well-known temperature method, Medicare femSense temperature patch measures your body temperature during your fertile window, the algorithm interprets the temperature measurements, and the app gives you daily updates on your fertility status.

No more peeing on sticks

No more peeing on sticks

Discreet and comfortable

Discreet and comfortable

24/7 temperature measurement

24/7 temperature measurement

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The Medicare femSense App

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The Medicare femSense app not only guides you every step of the way through your cycle, keeping you informed on your fertility status, it also functions as a cycle diary, allowing you to keep a record of many other aspects of your cycle and lifestyle.

Watch for patterns in the statistics. How long is my cycle or period? Do I always get headaches or hunger attacks before my period?

Make Notes: add your own personal observations, adding any details relevant to your cycle.

We will accompany you week by week as your pregnancy progresses. See how both you and your baby will develop and what changes to expect.

Medicare femSense Calendar Info Screen
Medicare femSense Menu Screen
Medicare femSense Cycle Screen
Medicare femSense Info Screen
Medicare femSense Symptoms Screen

Easy to Use

User Registration and Login:

1. Download the Medicare femSense App.

2. Register your details and follow the steps as instructed and login.

3. The "Today" screen will tell you when your fertile window is; this is when you need to wear the patch.

Download the Manual

Applying and Activating the Patch:

Clean and Dry

1. Clean and dry your skin thoroughly before applying the patch. Do not shave, apply deodorant, creams or lotions to the area.

Where to Place Your Patch

2. Place one hand on your hip and relax your shoulder. Apply the patch horizontally so it is placed below your armpit at a distance of three fingers wide.

NFC Required

3. To activate the patch, select "Read Patch" in the app and hold the back of your phone to the centre of the patch. A vibration will confirm successful activation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! femSense can be combined with non-hormonal contraceptive methods such as a copper or gold coil, or other barrier methods of contraception.

Medicare femSense is suitable for fertile women who bleed and ovulate. If your cycle is between 21 and 35 days and the cycles do not differ more than +/- 3 days: femSense is for you!
If your menstrual cycle is irregular, then femSense cannot reliably predict your fertile window. In this case we recommend that you consult a doctor before choosing femSense.

The Medicare femSense System consists of a very precise temperature sensor embedded in an adhesive patch and the supporting app.

  • The sensor patch is worn underneath your arm.
  • Once activated the patch measures the body temperature continuously, 24/7, for up to 7 days.
  • To work correctly the patch should be read by your NFC capable smart device at least once (1) a day. The app will ask you to read the patch twice (2) a day for optimal evaluation.
  • femSense tells you when you are fertile and, based on the recorded temperature data, femSense can detect and confirm ovulation.
  • Every month the app reminds you when to apply the patch, when to read the patch, and when you are fertile.

The temperature sensor used in the femSense patches detects temperature differences smaller than 0.1°C and was especially designed to detect the postovulatory temperature rise, which is typically between 0.2°C-0.5°C.
In contrast to the basic basal temperature measurement method the patch records a temperature value several times per hour. As the patch is always in the same position, measurement artifacts can be minimized.

The femSense patch is made of a special material used in the medical treatment of wounds. In spite of this skin irritations can occasionally occur.
These irritations should subside within 48 hours. If you are uncertain, please contact a doctor before you use Medicare femSense.

If you have irregular cycles (a regular difference of more than +/- 3 days) we recommend consulting a doctor before using femSense.

Medicare femSense is not a form of contraception.
When used in combination with other hormone free fertility awareness methods of ovulation detection femSense can help to identify days of high and low fertility.

You can use one patch per cycle. After applying and activating a patch based on the in-App instructions, the patch is connected to your current cycle.

Yes, with the patch under your arm you can get through airport security without any problems. The patch should not have any impact on security control. We recommend that you take the femSense product pack with you and show it to the security staff if necessary.

Generally, the patch can be read out with all smartphones, which can use the NFC (Near-Field-Communication) technology and does not restrict this service for apps of third party providers.
For Apple Devices: For iPhone 7 and newer models the NFC function can be used by all apps. NFC is activated all the time.
For Android Devices: For Android devices it depends on the manufacturer and on the smartphone model. To see if your smartphone has NFC, you have to check your settings. Search in "Connections", "Device Connections" or "Further Connections" for NFC.

For Apple devices the NFC-antenna is on the top part of the backside of your iPhone. If you want to read out your Patch, place the Backside of the top edge of your iPhone with a small angle on the raised part of the patch.
For Android devices the position of the NFC-antenna depends on the manufacturer of the device. Most of the time, the NFC-antenna can be found in the area of the camera or in the middle of the backside of your device.
Whenever you want to read out your patch, place your smartphone over the raised part of the patch and hold still. It is important to place the aforementioned position of the NFC-antenna in the middle of the patch.
Example: For Samsung devices the NFC-antenna can be found in the middle on the back of your smartphone.

Follow our quick guide above in the section 'Applying and Activating the Patch', or check out the manual for more in-depth instructions. Remember to take your time.

In order to be able to communicate with the patch you have to activate NFC (Near-Field-Communication). For iOS it is always activated. For android devices you have to activate it in the quick-access menu or in your settings ("Settings"--> "Connections").
Before you read out the patch, make sure you know where the NFC-antenna of your smartphone is placed and remember this position. For more informations about the position of the NFC-antenna, see here.
Open the "Today"-screen in your femSense App.
Press "Read Patch" (If you have to apply the patch fist, you will see "Tutorial" on this position)
Place your smartphone with the NFC-antenna directly on the patch.
Hold the position for several seconds and do not move your smartphone, until the activation or the readout of the temperature data has been confirmed.
After successfully starting the patch, the app tells you that the activation was completed. After a successfull readout you will get the information if an ovulation has been detected or if the patch needs to continue to measure.

The patch can be read at any time of the day, several times a day. However, to get daily updates on your ovulation, the patch should be read at least twice a day.
We recommend reading the patch once in the morning, a few hours after getting up, and once in the evening. It is also useful to read the patch at approximately the same time of day, so that a certain routine with the patch is established.

After you registered in the App and you entered your period data, your current cycle is calculated. Based on your entries, the patch application duration is determined, which stretches over your fertile days and has a maximum of seven days.
You can see a Countdown in the "Today"-Screen, which tells you when to apply the app.
In the calendar you will see the patch sticking day in the form of a beige icon.
Please apply the patch only if the app tells you to.

No. In contrast to other products on the market, which are sending constantly (e.g. Bluetooth), our patch uses the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. Hence, our patch is only sending data over a small duration when the smartphone is used to read out the patch. The patch itself is passive and does not emit any radiation.

The patch is a single-use product and can be used for one cycle. Because of the single use policy femSense is very hygenic. After you removed your patch you can simply but it into the bin where you also put your old batteries.

The patch can withstand daily life situations without a problem. Which means you can take a shower and also do some sports, as long as it is not heavy weight lifting or participating in a marathon.
Long baths and going into the sauna should be avoided, since the adhesiveness of the patch might be reduced due to the hotter environment.

The patch application duration is individually different and depends on when ovulation can be detected. The maximum duration is seven days.

First of all, confirm that you are holding your smartphone correctly during the read-out.
If the problem persists, please contact our technical support via email ( If you get an error message, please attach a screenshot to the email.
Within the app you can also use the "Contact support" function to get in touch with our technical support.

Your smartphone has to have NFC (Near-Field-Communication). Additionally, you need a connection to the internet if you want to use the app.
Apple devices starting with the iPhone 7 and newer models can use NFC without any restrictions. NFC is activated automatically, which means you do not have to activate or deactivate anything. Hint: The iPhone 6s does have NFC, but it can only be used for ApplePay.
For Android there are several options how you can check, if you have NFC:
Swipe your status downwards and look for the NFC-Button.
Open the settings, go to "Connections" and search for a Switch to activate NFC.
Visit the homepage of the manufacturer and check the specifications of your device.

If you applied the patch one day before the predicted patch application day, it is no problem. Wait until tomorrow and activate it tommorow.
If you applied the patch two to three days before the predicted patch application day, please contact our support by email (, the support will adapt your patch application day manually, and you can activate your patch. Please keep in mind, that an adaption of the patch application leads to an adaption of the predicted fertile days in the app.
If the patch is applied more than 3 days before the planned patch application day, you should remove the patch, as it will most likely not be able to determine an ovulation due to the application duration of seven days.

Medicare femSense provides a "Pregnancy" mode especially for pregnant women. It replaces the "Today"-screen of your app. In the calendar you can still enter symptoms as you are used to.
In the "Pregnancy"-Screen information about your progress in your pregnancy can be found and you can also see the predicted date of birth of your baby. If you want to change the date of birth, you can simply press on the date and change it.

If you entered your period incorrectly and your cycle is not calculated correctly, you can change it in your calendar yourself.
Go to the day on which you entered your period information
Remove the period entry
Press "Delete all entries" in the day detail view
Press (+) and remove the period entry manually
Go to the day on which you wanted to enter your period information
Press (+) and enter your period information. In order to declare it as the beginning of your cycle, please enter a menstrual flow of "light" or greater.
Afterwards, your cycle will be recalculated and your fertile days are refreshed. If you have difficulties with the entry of data, please do not hesitate to contact our technical support

Medicare femSense is not a clinical thermometer and is not intended to be used to deliver information which could used for diagnostic purposes.
The measured temperature values are analysed internally in order to determine ovulation. The measured temperature data is not forwarded to any other companies.

If you want to enter new Data into the calendar, follow the following steps:
Choose the day, where you want to enter new data
Swipe your screen from the bottom to the top
Select the (+) Symbol
Choose the data you want to enter
Click on the check mark to save on the top right corner
You will be redirected to the calendar afterwards.

To receive notifications from femSense, they must be enabled under “Notifications” in your phones Settings. If you cannot find the femSense app under Settings – Notifications then you have to uninstall the femSense app and download it again. To uninstall the app press and hold the app icon on your screen and choose Remove app. Download the app again from the app store. Don’t worry, your existing user data will be saved. Log in as usual and “allow” notifications from femSense when asked.

For iOS devices push-notifications have to be permitted the first time you enter an app, for Android devices they are activated. If you want to deactiveate or activate the push-notifications you have to enter "Notifications" in the general setting of your smartphone and use the slider for the femSense App.
If you do not see femSense under "Notifications" in your settings, you should reinstall the app, by deleting it and downloading it again.