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Covid-19 Product Line


Quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and infection control products have become high demand products in healthcare settings and businesses since COVID-19 began. Fleming Medical have worked closely for over 30 years with front line services like hospitals and pharmacies providing the highest of quality and certified products. This has always been our priority and remains the same during the on-going pandemic. Our team has worked alongside our partners to ensure continuity of supply of our infection control, PPE and diagnostic COVID-19 related products.

Our customers are reassured by our long-standing reputation, experience and that they can speak directly with our expert team who provide advice on the best solutions to protect their employees.

Fleming Medical will continue to bring high quality product options to the market during the pandemic while ensuring all our products are certified and safe to use so our customers' minds are at ease.

Contact our expert representatives today for advice on the best COVID-19 package for you and your team. To see a selection of our popular COVID-19 products, click below: