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Irish Red Cross

Our First Aid brand Medicare, which is Ireland’s No. 1 pharmacy First Aid brand has partnered with the Irish Red Cross to help raise awareness about the importance of First Aid skills.

As part of this partnership, we have developed a range of Medicare First Aid Kits that include First Aid Kits for Work, Sports, Home, Travel, and Mini First Aid Kits. We have also collaborated with the Irish Red Cross to develop a cobranded range of Medicare First Aid plasters and dressings.
Lucy Kennedy promoting the Medicare and Irish Red Cross brands

Munster Rugby players promoting the Physiologix brand with Fleming Medical

Munster Rugby

Medicare & Physiologix - Supporting Munster Rugby all the way!

We have teamed up with Munster Rugby in a three year partnership whereby we are their Official Medical Supplies partner.
Our range of Supports and Tapes are Munster Rugby’s first choice for treating the more severe injuries that can occur. Our partnership with Munster Rugby also includes the branding of the Physiologix Treatment Room at the University of Limerick, Munster Rugby High Performance Centre.


Physiologix Sports Supports & the ISCP join forces!.

Physiologix is now officially recognised by the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists in a recently signed partnership that sees the ISCP officially recognise our Physiologix range of Supports and Tapes. As part of the recognition process, the product range had to go through rigorous testing and inspection by a chosen panel of chartered physiotherapists over a 3-month period, the panel then gave their approval for the application. Each Physiologix product will have a ‘Recognised by the ISCP’ label on the pack for additional visibility of the partnership.
Physiologix is partnered with the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP)