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Women's Heart Health

Know the Signs | Reduce the Risk

It is a misconception that men are more likely to develop heart issues. Women often have differing signs and symptoms which ends up resulting in a late diagnosis and little can be done to reverse the damage.

Knowing the signs of heart-related illnesses that women experience can equip you with the power to know when something is wrong. Read our blog post on Women's Heart Health for more.

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Women experience different and more subtle heart attack and stroke symptoms to men

1 in 4 women in Ireland will die of cardiovascular disease

Hypertension increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks and strokes

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Medicare LifeSense collaborates with CROI

We have teamed up with CROI to bring you an informative training video on Women's Heart Health. Cardiovascular Nurse, Madeline Rabbitt, talks through hypertension and how to use a blood pressure monitor , how to identify strokes and heart attacks in women, as well as CROI's top tips for maintaining a healthy heart.


How to Use a Blood Pressure Monitor

Heart Attacks & Strokes in Women

Manage Your Blood Pressure

With the Medicare LifeSense App and Devices

Taking regular blood pressure readings at home can help with early diagnosis of conditions like hypertension (high blood pressure), keep track of your treatment if you are on blood pressure medication and possibly reduce the number of times you need to visit your GP. Having a heart-healthy focus can help prevent stroke, heart attacks and even kidney failure.

Heart Attack Symptoms - Women vs Men

Women vs Men Heart Attack Symptoms